IN10TION NewsReader Revival

Just follow the instructions provided by the indicator. ( message box )
Install as an indicator because this is not an EA.

Allow DLL imports on your custom indicator/Common tab

Please, do try the templates given with the IN10TION NewsReader ( test layout possibilities )

  • change News.PauseBetweenUpdates(in minutes) for auto updates
  • change News.Set either to 1 or 2
  • change Main.Anchor.Show from false to true, it will display the anchor (red 2 cubes left top), double click-hold & drag it to the place you want to have your IN10TION NewsReader v09, view animated info how to do!
  • change News.Impacts to filter news by impacts where N-Non-economic, L-low Impact, M-Medium Impact, H-High Impact

I think the rest explains much for itself, colors, modules on/off…
If you have questions, remarks, don’t hesitate to ask/say…


2013.04.17 – version v9.99s: 2 minor issues fixed.
2013.05.06 – version v9.99t: currency prefix/suffix issues fixed.
2013.07.29 – version v9.99u: version with Update Popup(build 509).
2014.01.25 – version v9.99v: clocks issue fixed.
2014.06.25 – version v9.99w: updated version for the new MT4(build 600 and above).
2014.08.26 – version v9.99x: World clock issue fixed.
2016.05.02 – version v9.99y: The new FF calendar format issue fixed.
2017.06.26 – version v9.99z: The calendar is used instead of the FF calendar.
2018.05.04 – version v9.991z: clocks issue fixed.

Download :[sociallocker]
! IN10TION NewsReader v09.991z lite
! IN10TION_templates [/sociallocker]

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